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Exo-Mars Rover Mission (2018)

Exo-Mars Rover is planned to be launch in 2018. It is a mutual project of European Space Agency and the Russian space agency. Exo-Mars rover consisted of two parts. First part was to put the rover into the orbit and second part is planned for 2020 in which the rover will be placed on the surface. This mission will be accomplished by using a proton rocket which will reach to Martian surface after traveling for nine months. It is consisted of two missions, first mission is to investigate and explore Mars from the upper side or view. The other mission is to dig the surface of Mars to approximately 6.5 meters.

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It will help in examining the fact that is there any life possible of Mars or is there any traces of life in history. This rover will collect samples from the Martian surface and will test them with the help of most advanced technology. It will also carries seven instruments with itself that are specifically designed for the research. This will help all astronauts and space scientist in getting all required information or data about the atmosphere of Mars for studying the Mars.