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Is it Possible?

Is it Possible?

Despite a worldwide pandemic there on earth, NASA is still carrying out its mission towards Mars – launching its next mission, the “Perseverance Rover” to discover the planet’s atmosphere and other features. Earlier, he said that he believes the name of the new rover – chosen by a sixth grader in Virginia – is ‘perfectly apt’ for these challenging times.

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In fact, with space exploration being a priority in every national body, it has become a requirement for all the scientists to be creative and innovative. With the Mars mission, NASA will certainly push itself beyond the limits and explore a lot more. The success of the mission depends upon the performance of the team and their individual abilities and skills.

There is no doubt that the Space Mission will be launched at a time when many other countries are also trying to launch a mission. It is true that they are all aiming to explore the surface of Mars using different space vehicles and methods. However, NASA will surely surpass all the others, thanks to the creativity, skill and determination of the team, working together as a team. But this team is not only about the space flight it is also about how we live in space and the future of this new world that lies ahead.

If you ask me if I believe in life on Mars is possible, I can tell you my answer is yes. We have an incredible tool for this purpose – the life-sensing instrument of Curiosity. This robot has already accomplished a lot, thanks to the discoveries made by the science team of NASA. These discoveries have been sent back to the scientists and experts at NASA who are still in the process of analyzing all these data. And the team has found a lot of interesting things that they have already shared to the general public through the press releases on their website.

We know that life on Mars is possible and it is just a question of time before we find evidence of human life on Mars. I don’t know how you can stop such a thing, but I am sure that NASA has already found a way to do so. Although they have been in this mission for a long time now, NASA wants to be open about their mission. and have a wider coverage among the world. They want to reach out to the public and get the community involved so that they can share their findings with the public.

So what is life on Mars like? Is it possible or not? We will never know unless we go out there and see!