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Mars 2020 Rover Mission

Mars 2020 Rover Mission (2020)

It is planned to be launched in July 2020. It is mainly based on Rover Curiosity. It is a mission planned by NASA, in which it will send rover to Mars to explore the technologies and to safeguard the bio signatures. It will also examine the ancient atmospheres and weather conditions of Mars. It will also take core drill and other instruments towards mars for examination and research. It is planned to be landed on a place on Mars named as Jezero crate.

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The time of July 2020 is selected for its launch because it is time when earth and mars are at favorable position and spacecraft can be landed on Mars without any problem. This is the time when less cost is needed to reach Mars because at this time less power is needed to reach there which result in less costa and less risk. It will also help to study such resources which will be needed by NASA scientist to examine the atmosphere of Mars and to stay there with favorable conditions.