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Mars Observer Mission

Mars Observer Mission (1992)

It was launched on September 25, 1992. After a long gap a new spacecraft was planned to send to Mars, it was loaded with an instrument which was created to analyze the climate and other atmospheric conditions of Martian planet. But unfortunately, the spacecraft got lost before reaching the Mars, as the contact was terminated with spacecraft. In the beginning NASA was not able to identify that why this spacecraft was lost and failed before reaching the Mars.

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After a long time it was figured out that the spacecraft was not able to remain in the orbit, as it was spinning with different velocity other than required to be in orbit. The mission ended on August 22, 1993 just after the spacecraft was lost somewhere. The same instruments for studying the atmospheric conditions and climate of Martian planet were sent to Mars with the help of other two spacecraft named as Mars Global Surveyor and 2001 Mars Odyssey.