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Phoenix Mission 02

Phoenix Mission (2007)

It was launched on Aug. 4, 2007. The Mars Polar Lander as described above was there at Mars to discover the ice water under the Martian surface. The total cost incurred was US $386 million. It was considered to be first scout mission planned by NASA. It was sent to the polar region because chances of ice was only to that specific area. It landed on polar region with the altitude as of Alaska. It dove into an ice-rich layer close to the surface. It checked examples of soil and ice for proof about whether the site was ever friendly to life.

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It examined the atmosphere to the level of 20 kilometers in altitude. It worked on examining and getting data related to the atmospheric conditions of Mars like dust particles, cloud movement, and fog etc. it faced failure by becoming dead, because there was an intense cold due to which it could not survived and eventually failed by crashing.